Monday, March 23, 2020

Is 2020 the year of Zozo?

In 2012 i published information that i had recieved several reports of Zozo encounters on Ouija boards that foretold 2020 as apocolyptic. This screenshot is from my post entitled Zozo 2012 news update - at

In several emails sent to me desriptions of doomsday scenarios were revealed. In one account Zozo promised that there would be a great "coma" in 2020. Could this coma really mean Corona? 

In another chilling email, a Mom from Minnesota reported a session in which Zozo said it would be born again in 2020. That it was currently in a dream state, but would awaken from its slumber and cause the earth to shake. 

The following link describes a frightening ouija session in which 2020 is mentioned . The session produced alarming references to the stock market crashing and China. The ouija session also predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president. 

On March 16th, 2017 i tweeted the above caption. Many Zozo encounters reveal that the end of days will happen in 2020. There will be an eclipse of that year. I had no idea that my Mother would die on January 11th of 2020, during the first full moon of the decade, and the year 2020. The same date as the lunar "wolfe moon" eclipse. 

In 2016 i emailed Rosemary Ellen Guiley, co author of our book The Zozo Phenomenon . We had plans to release a follow up project tentatively entitled Zozo Prophesies - 2020. Unfortunately, Rose passed away before we could process our findings. 

A foreboding?

On November 3rd of 2018 i was hospitalized with a severe upper respitory infection for two weeks. I developed sepsis and began coughing up blood. Doctors tested me for influenza and it came up negative. Days prior, i had conducted a live ouija session on the show Ghost Adventures. 

During the broadcast the session was just getting started when Zozo was spelled out. But before we could continue we were asked to shut it down due to network time. No closing of the session was done, and days later i was hospitalized. 

Not long after this my brother Travis was found dead in my Moms house in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Within a week my life long friend Rollin died from a tragic accident in Tulsa. Never in my wildest nightmares would i have thought that both Travis and Rollin would wind up lying next to each other in a Tulsa morgue, but that is exactly what happened. 

2 years later we are in the grips of the worst influenza pandemic the world has seen since the Spanish influenza of 1918. Covid19 erupted in November of 2019 in Wuhan China. Days before this new Corona virus began its reign of destruction Zak Bagans tweeted this cryptic spontaneous post:

Did Zak have a bad dream about Zozo the night of November 1st?  I find it ironic that he would tweet about the coming of 2020 and the fear about to hit the world days before the pandemic surfaced. 

Besides the Zozo connection to 2020, what other sources predict 2020 to be the end of days? 

The following tumblr post had a destructive astrological prediction for 2020:

The following film clip is from the 2000 movie Cecil B Demented. Zozo is mentioned as the 3 headed dog that guards the gates of hell. 

This was 9 years before i went public with my research into Zozo Phenomena. If Zozo was not known as a demon by modern society until 2009, how is it that the name Zozo was used in this film. Cerebus is usually named to fit this demonic character. 

Revelations 13 describes a 3 headed dragon emerging from the sea. 

Other 2020 predictions:

 A computer program named “World One,” which was developed in 1973 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), predicts 2020 to be the year when a series of catastrophic events kick off a 20-year process of a slow demise of human civilization.

According to a 1973 book by astrologer Jeane Dixon, Armageddon will come in 2020, when a false prophet, satan and the anti-christ rise together against mankind.

Sylvia Brown was a renowned psychic who wrote a book called End of Days. She said in around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.

According to the Mayan calandar 2012 was to signify the end of a great cycle of time, thought to be the end of the world. Stephen Hawking was interviewed saying the Mayan calculation of 2012 was based on miscalculations, that true end of the cylic time period is 2020.

Here is a screenshot from a poem i found published in 2010:

Revelations describes Seven Angels delivering the 7 plagues. 

Covid-19 is the 7th identified strain of Corona virus. 

Corona means Crown because of the viruses signature protein spikes. 

2016 in Hebraic time is 5777, known as the "Feast of Trumpets." This correlates with Donald Trump being elected president. 

This is also called the age of Zayin. Zayin is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is considered a time in which we will all be judged by God. Zayin means "Crown" in Hebrew, or represented by a sword. 

This time period ushers in 2020. The letter Z is thought to contain two inverted 7's. As a letter, it has a dark history even being eliminated in early Latin for the pronunciation produced facial grimaces called the rictus of death. (resembling that of a freshly dug up corpse) 

Could the Age of Zayin signify biblical predictions of the end of days? 

A Tibetan prophesy written in 700 AD, reveals that mankind will go thru a series of ages. One age of prosperity will last thousands of years, but a King will unwillingly release a human from the 9th citadel underground. His name? Zozo. 

The appearance of Zozo signifies the age of declines, where Zozo becomes "Lord of all Demons." This epoch will trigger the end of mankind as all the worlds demons band together with Zozo. 

I will be adding additional information as i have time during this world crises. I am saddened to hear of the fires of Australia, the recent seismic activity such as in Utah. Out of season tornados that hit Nashville causing devestating loss of property and life. 

We are seeing the arrival of locusts, awakening from their 17 year hibernation. I fear that the world as we know it is about to change. 

Staring out the passenger window i had been asking for a sign. Moments later i snapped this picture in Las Vegas. I did not realize at the time there was razor wire in the photo. 

Synchronicity tells us to be mindful of these signs. I think the picture tells a story. The fence is symbolic of us all being imprisoned by the recent events. We are all facing the biggest challenges the world has ever seen.

But we must not give up hope. We must continue to fight our demons of destruction. We must remain vigilant in the struggle for survival. I pray that we stay strong, and overcome these staggering predictions.

May God be with us all.


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Using Ouija to summon aliens and ufo's on Fox News!

On July 14th, 2019 I hosted a UFO summoning event with paranormal investigator Joshua P Warren, paranormal author David Weatherly and others.

Several ouija sessions were performed in an attempt to summon UFO's and although there were no dramatic video captures of flying saucers, the night was not without its share of unexplainable events.

During one ouija session contact was made with an entity that repeatedly called itself K1. After the session a former Nasa artist (Corby Waste) who was there for the event mentioned that K1 was a main sequence "Goldilocks" star capable of supporting extraterrestrial life!

During the session the planchette behaved strangely with sudden and dramatic swoops to a letter, paused and then taking off again forcefully. David Weatherly said "The planchette was vibrating, this was a very interesting session!"

In another session Darren employed a random speech audibilizer which could be heard by onlookers. It pronounced Nick Weird's first and middle name much to the amazement of everyone in attendance.

Darren conducted a Ganzfeld ouija session with Fox film crew rolling. Despite not being able to see anything but red filtered light, and unable to hear anything with noise canceling headphones playing a Ganzfeld white noise loop, David Weatherly reported that somehow the Ouija communication remained legible and structured. The planchette spelled WEST at the same time Darren pointed upwards toward the western horizon!

Joshua P Warren gave interviews and demonstrated his ground breaking Opticalizer device that is aimed at lights to analyze its unique electromagnetic signature in attempts to identify lights.

Our group combines vintage spirituality with modern technology. For the full story on Fox News click here: UFO GROUP SEEKS ALIEN LIFE

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Zozo found in ancient Tibetan prophesy as Lord of all Demons

The following account is translated from French to english from the original book that mentions a Tibetan prophesy naming Zozo as becoming Lord of all demons.
During my research into The Zozo Phenomenon, my studies often involve digging into areas in other languages. 

In 1998 a professor of Asian studies named Phillip Sagante published this 155 page study of pre Zen Budhist Tibet. 

It contained an ancient Tibetan prophesy written in the 8th Century. 

Here is a screenshot of the prophesy written in French 

Here is that same opening to the prophesy translated into english. 

The Ninth Circle
Ancient Tibetan Prophesy

At the time of the kings of Yarlung, the time which passes is conceived in a
cyclic form. It is not linear as is believed today in the West, it is discontinuous.
Humanity passes successively ages of different kinds, and these ages of very
long duration seem to be numbered in tens of thousands of years.There is
first the time of origins, a kind of golden age. It is the epoch that follows the
creation of the world by the gods.It is located in a past pass, a happy pass,
pomp, prosper. Men and gods are not separated. Beings and all that will
populate the earth are concentrated in heaven; They descend in turn,
beginning with King Nyatri Tsenpo, founder of the Yarlung dynasty. A
thousand legends, like that of the yak and the horse, tell how the earth is
peopled with beings from heaven. This age of origin lasts ten thousand years
and ends under the reign of the thirteenth king of the Yarlung dynasty. The age
of the declines then appears.
The circumstances which put an end to the age of origin are very peculiar.
Until then, the lord of the demons, a man named Zozo, was enclosed in the
ninth storey under the ground, inside nine citadels of copper.
He is unhappily released by the drongzhile king, the thirteenth king of Yarlung.
The king himself is attained in his power; Two elements that protect his
person - we do not know if it is objects, animals or even gods - abandon his
body to go up to heaven. Then begins the age of declines. An evil religion
reaches the land of men. The power of Zozo and all the demons becomes
Humanity then passes from a bad epoch to another, even worse; Declines
succeed and situations get worse. The gods, little by little, abandon men to
ascend to heaven; the mountains of the country are emptied of their presence;

The demons extend theirs.

This is by. far the oldest mentioning of Zozo being demonic that i have located in the last decade of research. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Did Zozo strike during Ghost Adventures Halloween Episode?

                Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley watch Jay Wasley and Darren Evans during the final                                     creepy scenes of Ghost Adventures Live Halloween Live Investigation!

I was invited to be a special guest for Ghost Adventures Halloween investigation of Zak Bagans Haunted Museum. Ive worked with these guys several times and it was nice to see Zak and the guys!

Josh Gates was hosting things and it was very cool getting to speak with him about his experiences in television! Before the trip I was asked to sign a waiver saying that i investigate the Museum at my own risk.

Josh Warren turns on Jacobs Ladder and a Tesla Coil which could be felt as an electrical charge in the air during the Ouija session.

The board spelled ALAL and ZOZO during the session. Producers suddenly called us off the set not allowing time to close the session.

The day after I got back home I developed a high fever for several days which led to me coughing up blood. I was near total collapse when I was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital with dangerous symptoms.

Somehow i developed septic shock from some kind of crazy infection of the blood and lungs, I could barely breath and became semi conscious as doctors worked to treat me.

For seven days I lay in the hospital under an army of pic line IV's and required 24 hr care and an army of antibiotics.

For days my white blood cell count was off the charts as my body was fighting this terrible infection that had invaded my body.

I was given this St. Benedect Meddallion for safety by a friend who was concerned that sometimes things dont stay in Vegas! At one point I remember clutching it and saying prayers to save my life as held on in the hospital with a fever of 105.

Doctors were scheduling further biopsies and worried that i might have become cancerous and developing embolism. I was the sickest I had ever been. I have never spent a single night in a hospital room before this adventure.

The 6th day of my stay these were found by nurses underneath my door. I do not know who put them there, but that morning my fever broke and blood tests revealed my white blood cell count and fallen dramatically thu the night.

I could finally breath without intense pain, and I was no longer coughing up big mouthfuls of fresh red blood.

I do not blame Ghost Adventures for my affliction, but i do find the timing of such an ordeal to be pretty creepy. Im lucky to be alive after this crazy sickness.

I have always warned people that messing with ouija boards can be dangerous, and while i cannot say with certainty that the ouija and Zozo demon caused me to be sick, i have to wonder if it were involved.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Unmasking Zozo - Peeling away Fact from Fiction

A decade ago, I went public with my experiences into what has become known as The Zozo Phenomenon. I had found similar encounters with something that surfaced during Ouija sessions, and I began a quest for the truth. What was it? How is it that so many individuals across the world had encounters with this little known entity? I wanted answers. Ten years later are we closer to unmasking the mystery of Zozo?

I believe we are. In this article I will show indisputable proof that this being has shown up in history hundreds of years before my research ever began. Hundreds of years before the modern invention of the infamous Ouija. I have been accused of fabricating the phenomenon, and that thru the years my story has changed. Let's examine the facts, and separate the mask of misinformation and false rumors from the actual events.

There have been statements proposed in video's and forums on various social media that there was no mention of a Zozo Demon before 2009. That could not be further from the truth. I will mention several examples, a few of which is not in my book with acclaimed paranormal author Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Lets look at the facts.

First let me shatter the claims of a paranormal scholar claiming that there is no mention of Zozo coming thru on Ouija boards before 2009. Here is a Nigerian paranormal forum with a direct reference posted in 2005. Nairaland website click here for the reference. 

Here is a screen shot of the above referenced Zozo Ouija board account, posted in 2005 at ..... It was posted at 10:28 pm on November 22nd, 2005. This was a full 3 years before I went public. I will post more like this as I locate these accounts. Let's look at the bigger picture.

The Dictionnaire Infernal was written by Colin D'Plancy in various editions in the 1800's. This was my first find when I began research in 2009. In the description it tells the strange tale of a young girl who became infested with three demons. One of them was the little known Zozo, who according to an exorcist, resided inside the girl, and broke a stained glass window of a church when it left her body.

It is not my intent to somehow prove that this encounter is factual, but rather to point out that Zozo is mentioned as an actual demon. That is a fact, not some fabrication. Just because the words Zozo Demon aren't registered in Google search engine statistics before 2009, does not mean there are not many literary sources, grimouires, and other apocrypha that mention Zozo as a demonic entity. Let me move on to the next example.

A quick google search using the keywords Zozo and "devil" brings up a startling revelation in that this play written in 1966 depicts Zozo as TEMPTING ADAM IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. It goes on to describing a character named Zozo who is an INCARNATION OF THE DEVIL.

Now I am no paranormal scholar, but I don't think it takes one to quickly realize that just because search engines do not show searches of a Zozo Demon before 2009, that these direct mentionings aren't there for even a modest researcher like myself to discover. I do not make this stuff up, nor do I pull them from the dark recesses of my brain. Anyone with an internet connection and a computer or mobile device can find these, and more. This book, available on google, contains the second direct reference to Zozo being demonic. Again, although it is a play, and not making claims that Zozo is a real character, it mentions Zozo as an incarnation of the devil PERIOD. What difference does it really make? I am refuting the claims that there is no mentions of a Zozo Demon before 2009. Those claims are BOGUS. Here's another example, this one going back 700 years to an early Catholic POPE!

The Month and Catholic Review was a monthly periodical available to subscribers from 1864 to 2001. In 1876 the publication mentioned the sermons of the Fransiscan Saint Bernadino of Sienna who lived from 1380 to 1444. In the screen shots of the actual article available on google for view, is yet another example of the direct reference to a DEMONIC ZOZO.

Bernadino describes what he refers to as The MASS OF ZOZO! In Latin the description is COMMUNE OMNIUM DAEMONUM..... or translated to:

This is an incredible example of Zozo showing up in history as an actual demonic force. Perhaps he was correct in that there may be legions of demonic entities who's common denominator is in the harassment of mankind, and using the word Zozo as their method of communication in Ouija boards and other ITC contact here in modern times.

Folks seriously, I did not fabricate the Zozo Phenomenon. I merely exposed it.

Look, I understand it is impossible to prove that this thing is an actual demon, and I admit that I cannot prove that even exists at all. But I can show the evidence, and I can refute all the claims that this whole thing was just the makings of a Hollywood Hoax. Yes, I have been at the epi-center of the research, and many of the roads to Zozo lead back to me, but I have spent years on the internet, digging up bones. Ten years later the bones have formed a skeleton. My story never changed. It's still unfolding. The skeleton is no longer in the closet of nightmares, it's now under the bed.

The story of electricity will always lead back to Benjamin Franklin. We discover new species every day in the animal kingdom. In the field of medicine, new discoveries and breakthrough's are made daily.

I have yet another dramatic reference to Zozo being demonic, and if it were not from a foreign exchange student contacting me in regards to a creepy Zozo story from Tibet, I may have never found it, but YET AGAIN it shows up on google search engines. This reference is translated by a professor of Asian Studies, published and available for anyone to view and interpret. The story is from Tibetan demonology, and has a chilling prophesy for mankind. This is simply astonishing, and being revealed here for the first time. But that doesn't mean I am saying it is going to unfold exactly as the prophesy states. I will provide stunning proof that a demonic Zozo may have existed in someone's mind 7 THOUSAND YEARS AGO! Is this another chilling example of this Zozo manifesting in it's own strange way? YOU be the judge!

Here is a screen shot of a book written in 1998 by Samten Gyaltsen Karmay and Philippe Sagante, a Professor of Asian studies who specialized in Tibetan culture. The name of the book translated from French is Lesneuf for es de l'homme: or The Nine Forces of Man, narratives of the confines of Tibet.

One of my secrets in finding these amazing connections is that I search for things in different languages other than English. This is how I found this bizarre mentioning of Zozo /LORD OF DEMONS

On page 151 of this book we see the actual screen shot here, and in particular the words Seigneur de tous les demons, which means Lord of all Demons. In this prophesy from the 8th Century, we read the following omen:

That until then, a Lord of Demons, a man named Zozo, was enclosed in the ninth story underground inside nine citadels of copper,. He is unhappily released by the 13th King of Yarlung. The begins the age of declines. The power of Zozo and all his demons becomes stronger. Humans pass from one epoch, to another even worse. The demons extend their power all over the world.  

The most incredible part of this prophesy is it goes on to describe events that mirror the major headlines in modern society. Yet again we see a clear link to a character named Zozo and it's links to the demonic world.

Yet again another reference to Zozo and his links to the demonic world before 2009. Clever Hollywood hoax? NO. Yes I played the role of my self, a Zemonologist in the film called I am Zozo. I agreed to be in the film by One World Studios. An indie film company, not some Hollywood giant. They had seen my story that I posted on a paranormal website True Ghost Tales. I still have the original emails from director Scott D'Lalla. And yes, they filmed a spooky trailor to help kickstart the film. I have never claimed that video to be real footage of a Zozo encounter. But the film is based on my research into cases involving the Zozo entity.

Yes, I appeared on Ghost Adventures where we investigate the home I lived in during some of my research and very strange things happened during the filming. Bizarre circumstances were also reported by hundreds of people who watched the episode on television. The fact is I had received hundreds of Zozo stories sent to me from people all over the world PRIOR to that episode airing in 2014.

There has been statements made that the fact that I did not mention the double sided Ouija board to Zak Bagans during that episode proves that it did not exist. YEA RIGHT. Like I felt that was something that should be mentioned at the house in Oklahoma City. The double sided board was found in Tulsa Oklahoma. Another example of misinformation by these critics. The fact remains is that I did not invent the double sided board after an interview in 2016, for I have mentioned that board going all the way back to when I went public in 2008. The story never changed as it has been reported by skeptics. I mention the board in several interviews from that time period. The board was not in my possession very long before I stashed it in the trunk of an abandoned car in the woods of Jennings Oklahoma. My story has never changed.

Yes I was, and still am a fan of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page had adopted the Zoso symbol found in early grimouires. How does that equate to me fabricating Zozo, when I have shown irrefutable proof that links to a demonic Zozo are found in history. NOT ZOSO the demon, but ZOZO....a distinctive difference exists.

Is there some magical power in the root Zo? I believe there is evidence to support a resounding YES.

I have found additional proof of an evil Zo:

The above screenshot is of another book pertaining to ancient Buddhism. In this publication it refers to an EVIL ZO!  Again, if you do not believe me, look it up yourself before you declare it false. The fact remains is there are plenty of links to this entity being real. Yes I continue to research the Zozo Phenomenon. The claims of me purposefully fabricating this phenomenon are ridiculous and absurd. One only needs to do look into the actual literature in history to see that this Zozo has been mentioned for hundreds of years. I almost every link, it is described as evil. The burning of the Zozobra, The Zo Shamans of Africa, The Zo people of Burma, the connections are many, and almost always negative. People need to WAKE UP.

I continue to warn people that Ouija communication can be dangerous. And yes, I still on occasion get back on the board to satisfy my own curiosity in regards to spirit attachments. It is always there, waiting. I do not ever use a Ouija board around children or in my home. I will from time to time use the Ouija during paranormal investigations. Iv'e been using them off and on for the last 30 years. And despite what Ouija proponents say, there is a danger involved regardless of an internal or external origin of communication.

Just because bad things do not happen to everyone who uses Ouija does not mean that bad things do not happen. For they do. Once again do some real research before making any blind and non researched opinions. I have never forced my beliefs onto anyone. I merely provide the evidence. It's up to readers to make up their own minds. Healthy debate is welcome, not nasty attacks and stone throwing from people who live in glass houses, or their Mother's basements. People who use fancy female voices in their videos to hide their identities should be suspect. These are the people who fabricate things in order to push their agendas. When I went public ten years ago with my research and experiences, I never dreamed it would turn into what it has. It has taken the form of an egregore the likes of which have never been seen in modern times. I may have regrets exposing this to the world, but never did I fabricate this phenomenon. It existed before me. Demonologist John Zaffis has gone on record that the name has come up time and time again during his long career of investigating the paranormal. Long before I revealed it.

I have responded to hundreds of cases sent to me via email. I have worked dozens of cases in multiple states where I have attempted to help people overcome the influence or rid them from this entity. In every case I have repeated that you must not be afraid of this thing. That can be difficult, but it can be done....I did it.

I fully admit that I cannot prove what this thing is, but I know what it IS NOT. It is not some figment of my imagination. The proof is out there. I encourage everyone to look at the evidence and formulate your own opinions based on the available data, and that is considerable. To thine own self be true. Look at multiple sources, and the encounters of thousands of people across the world. I am not the only one talking about it and researching it. There are other investigators who are filming their encounters with Zozo both in the USA and overseas. Debunking should involve both sides of the story, NOT a one sided diatribe. Read testimonials, and watch interviews. I had nothing to do with the Zozo story featured on the show Paranormal Witness. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube in regards to Zozo that I am in no way affiliated.

So before you claim it's all a fabrication, look at the evidence in history. It's out there. And never trust anyone who claims to be a paranormal scholar. Posting assumptions andf false statements as a means to accuse someone of a fabrication goes against the natural pursuit of the truth. I hope they resolve their own demons.

My story has never changed. I had run-ins with this Z starting in the mid eighties. When I found multiple stories on the internet I decided to group them together and begin research into what has become known as The Zozo Phenomenon. Unbelievably small particles existed before the electron microscope. There was light before the bulb. The fact is people have had experiences with it. And while the phenomenon has taken legendary status due to circumstances beyond my capability of explanation does not change the reality that through history there are many examples of Zozo being referred to as a demon.

Are we to dismiss all the literature simply because it is not listed in the Necronomicon or Goetia? I haven't even got into the connections found in occult works, such as Aleister Crowley. The way it shows up in synchromystical circles such as the synchronicity described by authors such as Jake Kotz's Rant in Z minor. 

Read about George Williamson's Ouija experiences with something that called itself "Zo" in 1958. Here it is mentioned in a book on beings from other dimensions. CLIK HERE

Zozo in Time-Life

The demonic argument is futile. There are forces in this theater of life to which we have no explanation. I encourage everyone to form their opinions based on their own experiences. I will be adding links to this as I find the time for reference.

The picture above is from the film Chester B Demented, and was produced in the year 2000. Clik here for the video clip: Chester

In the clip she says her Dad's name is ZOZO and is the two headed dog that guards the gates of HELL.

 And to everyone who has had encounters with not afraid of it. Be afraid of those who condemn you for sharing it. Be afraid of keeping it bottled in. Face the fear, it will go away. I'm still here, and so are you.